All about Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker Mistakes

Considered one of the most popular and easiest-to-learn variants of poker, three card poker is a card game you can easily become a pro at if you understand its rules and strategies well, and implement them consistently in your off-line and online gameplay.
What’s also extremely fascinating about three card poker is the fact that not only is it a very fast-paced game, but is highly entertaining too. However, it’s precisely these reasons which also make three card poker a game where you can lose large amounts of money in quick time.
Hence, let’s acquaint you with some of the common traps of this game so you can avoid losing your bankroll swiftly.
If you’re already aware of the rules and gameplay of conventional blackjack and poker, you’re guaranteed to get a quick grip on things when playing three card poker. One of the biggest secrets of winning consistently at three card poker is that you must always fold when you’re not dealt good cards. In that case, all you’ll lose is your ante bet and nothing more.

Mistakes that can make you lose consistently at three card poker

Lack of discipline
Whenever you lose any good game of three card poker, ensure that you lose only the game and not your self-control. There’s no point getting angry in such a situation. You might end up taking impulsive and vain betting decisions, just to reclaim your losses. The only way you may be able to regain your financial losses and put a possible end to your losing streak is by staying optimistic, with a strong sense of realism. Never overreact after your losses as you may have to regret your behaviour later.

Playing only one betting type at a time
Although many poker experts suggest avoiding the pair plus betting option of three card poker, it can come in pretty handy and help you to hedge your bets, thus keeping your losses at minimum. Strategically placing pair plus bets can improve your overall chances of winning three card poker sessions even if you lose the ante and play bets consistently.

Playing with real money right away
If you’re someone who’s just starting out with three card poker or are playing this game for the first time on the Internet, you must always play some practice games before depositing and using any real money. Doing so will give you a fair chance of gaining familiarity with the game. A large majority of online casinos allow players to practice their games in such free environments. You must make the most of this facility and protect your bankroll at all times.

Not being mindful of one’s bankroll
This mistake isn’t just limited to three card poker, but is committed in almost all the casino games. Not being mindful of one’s bankroll can make you bet more than you can actually afford to lose. As also mentioned earlier, you must never try to chase your losses. People often shy away from walking out of poker rooms after suffering big losses. This is a huge mistake. You must politely walk away from the table as soon as you’ve exhausted your bankroll.

Not knowing when to raise the ante bet
Not learning enough about the three card poker strategies can put you in a situation where you bet blindly, despite having poor hands. For instance, you must raise an ante bet only in a situation where you have a hand higher than a Q, 6 and 4. Neglecting this rule can make you incur huge bankroll losses.

Placing higher stakes post a major loss
Once they lose a significant amount of money, a good number of players try to win back their losses and start placing extremely high-stakes. You must never make this mistake, else you may end up digging an even deeper hole for yourself. The best you can do in such a scenario is try to figure out the mistakes in your gameplay and then take corrective actions.

Not paying heed to the default stakes in online three card poker
Many people are unaware that their three card poker games get automatically set to the highest stake option whenever they launch them for the first time. Inadvertently placing wagers at high-stakes poker tables can put you in a situation where you may find yourself having wagered far than you can afford. Hence, always crosscheck the default chip values and stake levels and set them as per your needs whenever you play online three card poker.