V Spot
is a 100% vegan restaurant
in Brooklyn

About V-Spot

We love vegan restaurants and vegan food. That’s why we’ve set up this site to pay tribute to a vegan restaurant, that is a favorite for many of us. Please note, this is no longer the official website of V Spot. V Spot started out back in 2006. The owner was a teacher in Brooklyn, but what he really wanted to do was to follow his dream. We’re a big believer in following dreams and if you go into your dream business, you’re bound to put your all into it. A dream will spur you on far more than money or other incentives.

Daniel the owner had always dreamt of opening a restaurant, serving food inspired by his Latin roots. He had also been a vegan for six years and was struggling to find good vegan restaurants in his area. There were a few vegetarian restaurants, but finding a restaurant that served 100% vegan food and drink was proving to be nigh on impossible.

So he decided to open V Spot, a vegan restaurant, where everything on the menu was strictly vegan. No more poring over menus and having to ask the chef for a list of ingredients to make sure you were ordering food that was fully vegan. A place for vegans to relax and not feel like the second-class diner or fussy eater they can be made to feel like in other restaurants.

A change for vegan dining

In the past, most vegan restaurants were basic affairs. But why would someone who follows a vegan diet not want to also dine in a sumptuous restaurant? Daniel turned the concept of vegan dining around, offering a stylish bistro dining room that would compare with any other great dining establishment. The dark wood furniture contrasts with the stone brick walls, which are complemented by a wide range of differing styles of original artwork by local artists.