V Spot
is a 100% vegan restaurant
in Brooklyn

Lunch at VSpot

There’s always something tasty on the menu at V Spot, while the menu may change, these are some of our favorites we’ve had the pleasure to enjoy over the years...

Tasty empanadas

There’s a massive selection of empanadas on the menu and they really are not to be missed. Highlights for us are the Philly style empanadas with vegan cheese and served with a really special zesty mayo and the breakfast empanada. If you want a filling and tasty breakfast that will keep hunger at bay until lunchtime and beyond then this is a great choice. It’s packed full with tempeh bacon, tofu scramble and vegan cheese. Divine!

Quesadillas to die for

The quesadillas are also worthy of mention. We think it’s well worth paying a little more for the Supreme quesadillas. Perfect as a lunch for one, or a snack to share.

Plenty of fresh salads

Who says salads have to be boring? At V Spot they certainly aren’t! Our favourite is the Portobello salad. From the name, you’d probably expect Portobello mushrooms, and you’ll get them, but you’re probably not expecting indulgent candied pecans or cashew ricotta cheese crumbles! It’s a real taste sensation.

Feeling hungry?

Not all the dishes on the lunch menu are lighter bites. How about the Bandeja Paisa? This is a variety plate, a traditional Columbian delicacy. It’s packed full of delicious treats including avocado, grilled seitan, vegan carne molida, arepa con queso and much more. Or if you’d like something with a bit of a kick, the quinoa curried kale is very tasty, with ginger quinoa and a hint of coconut in the curried kale, it’s served up with chickpeas and carrots.

Don’t forget your sides

There are also plenty of special sides available so it’s always worth picking out one or two just to experience the taste sensations such as plantain served with coconut curry sauce, yummy fries cooked Belgian style and Caribbean style rice and beans.

So kick back, place your order, perhaps treat yourself to a glass of organic wine or a soy milkshake and enjoy the best vegan lunch in Brooklyn.