All about Three Card Poker

Top 10 Three Card Poker Tips

Following are the top 10 three card poker tips that can help you significantly improve your winning chances at this game:

Watch your stakes!
Regardless of the online casino you’re playing in, you must keep a close eye on your default highest possible stake whenever you launch the game for the first time. There’s a high likelihood that it might get automatically set to the highest stake option, and you ending up playing far higher stakes than you’d otherwise like to. Hence, always set your stake levels to your desired preferred level whenever you play online three card poker.

Make the most of the low house edge
When you play three card poker you’ll discover that ante bets have the lowest house edge. Hence, you should try sticking to them only and avoid indulging in pairs plus betting option. Doing so can definitely improve your overall winning chances at this game.

Know when to raise the ante bet
Whenever you indulge in an ante bet in three card poker, the best strategy is to raise it only in the event that you get a minimum hand combination of queen, 6 and 4. You should fold any hand that’s lower than this combination.

Keep enough cash in your reserves
When playing three card poker, you should know that you require a certain minimum amount in your casino account in order to qualify for the ante bets. Hence, you should always maintain this bare minimum cash reserve while playing this game. You’d have no option but to fold your hand in case there isn’t enough money in your account to continue with the game.

The payouts applicable to pair plus winnings
You should know that the payout of pair plus bets in three card poker may vary from casino to casino, more so when it comes to the highest payout related to it. For instance, Microgaming offers a payout of 40 - 1 for straight flushes scored on pair plus, while other portals may have significantly lower payouts. Hence, you may need to choose your online casino gaming platform appropriately.

Compare the comps offered by different casinos
Just as is applicable to every casino game, you must always check the amount of comps points awarded to you while playing three card poker in an online casino. Please keep in mind, the extent of comp points awarded may vary from one casino to the other, and hence it’s always better to do some shopping before making any deposit/s. You should only play in those online casinos that offer you a good amount of comp points for playing this game regularly. Furthermore, the redemption rates of those comp points should also be good enough.

Check how tied hands are treated
In the event that the player and dealer get the exact same hand in an ante bet, the hand is referred to as tied. However, different casinos may view this result in a different manner. While some may simply treat this scenario as a push, some casinos may treat such tied ante bet hands as winning hands for the players. These are the ideal places you must play three card poker at! All in all, any casino that offers you good payouts for the bets you place, should be preferred over the others.

Learn how to play with bonus
In case the casino you’re playing three card poker at, has awarded some bonus credits to you, you’ll find that ante bet games are the ones that give you the best chance of making that bonus count. On the other hand, placing pairs plus bets with such bonus credits can lead to quick depletion of your bonus account.

Learn and master some three card poker tournament strategies before playing in big events
Please keep in mind that although the aim of every player participating in a three card poker tournament is to win as much amount as possible, in the shortest period of time, and many people do indulge in high risks when playing such tournaments, you should always work out the number of hands you can play in the stipulated amount of time, based on the total credits you have. Thereafter, you must indulge in nothing but the ante bets only. Not following the correct strategy while playing a three card poker tournament can make you lose all your tournament credits pretty quickly.

Gain some three card poker experience in a risk-free environment
Last but not the least, if you’re starting out with three card poker, you must never play this game with real money in an online casino right from the word go. Always practice it in a free play environment where there is no risk involved. Doing so can help you understand the workings of the online casino and gain a good understanding of the game. It is only after you’re thorough with the game’s rules and strategies that you should put any real money into it.